TitleLOOK™️ is setting the new standard for title commitments and preliminary reports. Using PDFs from any production software, the TitleLOOK™️ platform hyperlinks all supporting documents, creates the title summary, and exports a mobile-responsive format all within seconds. The “dual feed” from the API also provides easy integration to data and documents referenced with the title report. 

Hyperlinking Automation

Reduce hours to minutes and minutes to seconds. Both turn times and processing times are reduced significantly. Errors are reduced and Linking Summary alerts users to phrases from the report that did not link successfully. Reference documents are linked within the REPORT, in both the TitleLOOK™️ and PDF versions.

Automated Summary

TitleLOOK™️ automatically reviews and evaluates the title report based on your code book. Exceptions are color coded within the SUMMARY section.

Red Codes

Items you would not expect to see that could impede the closing such as liens, judgments, and court actions. Also, items that present challenges such as HERO, Solar and Credit Line Deed of Trust. Some examples include:

Notice of Independent Solar Energy System Producer Contract
Notice of Pending Action
Taxes 5-Year Payment Plan
Effect of a Deed

Yellow Codes

Items you typically expect to see on a title report but need some action such as Deed of Trust or current property taxes. These items likely need to be paid at closing. Some examples include:

Supplemental taxes
Property Taxes
Deed of Trust
Any unpaid amounts now owing, for delinquent utilities, of record or not

Expandable Exceptions

Exceptions are expandable to show (or hide) the details. All text from the exception is retained from the PDF and displayed in the Summary section. Hyperlinks to the supporting document references are also included in the expandable sections.

Full Report

The original PDF version of the REPORT is embedded within TitleLOOK™️ and is always available for users to reference.

All Linked Documents

Indiviual links to all supporting documents are offered in the menu, as well as in the Summary and in the PDF. An option to "Download All" to a bundled ZIP file is available, too. Reference documents are directly accessible via LINKED DOCUMENTS in an expandable drop-down menu.

Google Map

Property addresses are extracted from the report and a link to Google is provided. A link to the property on Google Maps is also provided. This link opens a new window (or Maps application for mobile users) with the location of the property, making it easy to find and navigate.


Emails sent via SHARE include a link to the TitleLOOK™️ web page, as well as a list of the Yellow and Red Code exceptions from the SUMMARY


Users can receive email notifications when the report is updated by clicking FOLLOW.


See previous VERSIONS of the title report within TitleLOOK™️ via simple drop-down menu. Compare versions and see progress as exceptions are cleared.


TitleLOOK™️ is MOBILE RESPONSIVE. View the summary, full report, and any reference document easily from your phone. No need to wait to get to a computer or struggle with viewing a PDF on your phone.