CPL Automation – A document automation solution where lenders enter their closing protection letter requests and receive the completed CPL within seconds.

The Benefit: This service significantly decreases staff time for settlement companies while also providing an increased level of service that is demanded by their clients. This solution is currently integrated with AgenTrax and Smartview to provide even more efficiency for FNTG agencies.

LiveLinker  An automated program that eliminates the manual creation of hyperlinks to supporting documents within preliminary reports and commitments.

The Benefit: It reduces average hyperlinking production times of 15 minutes per report to just seconds. It is currently integrated with the Smartview document management system and can also be merged with order datasets to create process alerts for production turn-times.

Freshdesk for Customer Service – A management system that allows you to get your To-Do list, as well as your teams’,  out of the inbox and into an easy to use dashboard.  

The Benefit: Production monitoring, alerts, daily summaries, the ability to merge with order data for ROI, vendor management, etc..

Data Accuracy Solutions – We build customized web forms for regular spread sheet entry that use  field validation there and improves the data quality on entry. Editing can still take place in the spreadsheet though and we can add more alerting and monitoring b/c of the web forms. This service would also give us in to up sell to more advanced reporting work.

Benefit: Is the old expression, “bad data in, bad data out” holding up your processing?  When you type directly into a spreadsheet your subject to typos and incorrect data in the wrong places.  


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