Who is Mainspring Services

Main·spring | /ˈmānˌspriNG/ | (noun) : something that plays a principal part in motivating or maintaining a movement, process, or activity.

Mainspring Services is a unique team of workflow innovators, system analysts, and reporting managers. Our team has a deep knowledge of business operations and understands your pain points because we’ve experienced them ourselves. Through this experience and a fanatical commitment to success, we strengthen daily and long-term processes for our clients by reducing the complexity of their daily activities. We’re not like traditional consultants that typically just propose what YOU need to do to fix your problems. Instead, we are hands-on partners from initial research and implementation to ongoing support and continued process improvement.


Where We Help


Problem: Companies frequently need more hours worked each week, but don’t have the resources to hire another employee.

Solution: Let our team augment your existing staff. Save time and money with no need for onboarding and overhead costs, or long-term commitments. Plus, you get access to our entire team’s knowledge and experience instead of that of one employee. 


Problem: My company’s IT department focuses more on hardware and security setups and not enough on systems implementation, use management, or support.

Solution: Today’s IT departments have a lot to manage and it often takes weeks or months before they can even start talking about solutions with you. We are able to move quickly in your times of need. And because we work with operations managers across multiple industries and business departments we are able to provide valuable insight and experience.


Problem: I’m sure there is a better way to go about my daily tasks but I don’t have the time to figure it out or I simply don’t know where to start.

Solution: Our team has years of experience and success in finding, producing and implementing process improvements. We take your pain points and turn them into success points while you continue to focus on the rest of your business.


How We Help

Workflow Improvement

We specialize in helping companies get out from under their inboxes and stacks of “busy work” and back to what really matters…driving your business forward!

Workflow improvement is imperative for companies that need to do more with fewer resources. When implemented and managed effectively, these improvements deliver substantial benefits, including increased strategic value, more efficient resource use, quality customer service, and a strengthened bottom line.

Additional business solutions, include:

  • Cloud service integration
  • Help desk deployment
  • Online scheduling

Custom Programming

Business goals can often be achieved through a more effective use of existing technologies, but there are times when custom programming is needed to bridge the gap between applications.

Our experienced programmers develop custom programs to augment our overall offerings, helping us shape simpler, more affordable solutions for our clients.

Additional programming services include:

  • Tech consulting and application design
  • Custom software development
  • Database architecture and development
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Project management
  • Graphic and web design

Advanced Reporting

Whether it’s tracking sales performance, managing inventory, or market analysis we can help you gather and make sense of your data.

We help you see trends and drill into them, identifying opportunities that would never be identified from exports alone.

Want your data to go? We also build custom web applications that let you get what you need from your business data, even if you’re not at your desk.

Reporting services include:

  • PowerBI configuration
  • Advanced Excel programming
  • SQL reporting

Some of the products we work with:

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